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A Dub in Black Rock / Ubaldimir Guerra #PoesiaRotaMundo


Sound check

one twos echo

in the black ark lab


Rusty bicycle spokes

Droop on a wooden rail


crossword puzzles

Empty squares

inside a residence of scratchy

oil tiles


Wire live

wire warn now

gruffy check one two

on two




sound drop



majestic riddim oh

conquering lion

fire for us


A prickle of symphonic silences

spinal tattoos

rhythmic needles

upon vinyl

is solstice


A blast of bass

Bass drum to

lee scratch

Scratch howl

Howl baboon howl


I must

Press record now







Spin it

scratch it



A silent night of


to river



To th static strums of stalactile

guitars and

cicada tenors


recorded in cave

dubbed in the Wind


Record scratch

lee scratch

a lee crescente night of dub

to static to selassic eyes

press play


(Ubaldimir Guerra, poeta de Belize, in Poetic Narcotics: SPOKENWORD 501 Compilation)


Poesia selecionada para o projeto RotaMundo em parceria com o blog Na Literatura Selvagem que neste mês terá poetas do países: Belize, Guatemala e El Salvador . Em virtude da dificuldade de encontrar autores de Belize traduzidos, optamos por colocar a poesia em língua original dos autores. Clique aqui e confira a poesia escolhida pelo blog Na literatura Selvagem e acompanhe nossas redes no Instagram e YouTube .


Poesia retirada do livro Poetic Narcotics, disponível na amazon. Sinopse: When Belizean voices synchronize to echo and pen our reality, identity, challenges, woes and dreams, we get a masterpiece like “Poetic Narcotics.” This is a publication birthed by talented individuals answering the magnetic pull, a need to express life in lyrics. “Poetic Narcotics” is nothing short of quenching a high that is both natural and painfully real. It is a beckoning, an invitation and an art piece that is can only be labelled as priceless. The lyrics in this publication record a legacy of our time, of our stories and of our addictions to all the intoxicating aspects of life. Therefore this collection is not only to be consumed by poets. They are in fact for everyone who lives, creating their own poem through their daily passions. Digest these gems. Savor these lyrics. Feel these rhymes and rhythms pulse in your veins and indulge yourselves…all of you…Indulge in this “Poetic Narcotic” treat.Jacklyn BurnsCity of Belmopan29th May, 2019

2 comentários:

  1. Esse país foi difícil mesmo hahaha mas nada como um bom desafio pra gente encarar cheia de pique hehehe
    Gostei dessa tua escolha.


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